Well done guys! I was only reassured when I saw Jean. We no longer consider people in the same way either. …the clock is running… #GGR2022. The Vendee Globe fleet is bearing down on the boats :) thanks MIKE!! bit.ly/39GDA2h Many people keep thinking it is containers...and this is a big story today, with up to 1900 lost overboard....but there would be very few if any in the Southern Ocean...yes rubbish down there for sure, but also plenty of whales and other large sea life..I hit a whale in 1990 in the Southern Indian ocean and there are many more there today! Interesting but the last winner was a foiler and it's probably going to be the same this year. Hissez haut !! . If your not following her amazing passion, strength , humanity, fun and so entertaining and real video clips...you are missing truly special Vendée Globe moments. Vendée Globe To date, the Vendée Globe is the greatest sailing race round the world, solo, non-stop and without assistance. Throw back Monday: exactly one year ago I rounded Cape Horn in the Golden Globe Race. "His wife Anne is a lot less diplomatic:"Jean was the first to sail on the Hydroptère (of SA fame), he knows foilers by heart. #GGR2022 is just around the corner. C'est un homme qui profite et a profité de sa solitude maritime pour penser sa vie d'homme aux multiples facettes. Frances McDormand accepts the award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Drama at the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards. No, this is not reassuring. Hope they had some pressure sensors eventually to understand what happened? Latest Virtual #GGR2022Les Sables d'Olonneased on a Sept. 4th start day in Les Sables d'Olonne and using todays real time weather, certainly a lot less storms and easier sailing but?? France moves into lockdown tonight till Dec. 1st. And troubles in the office are not only located to the ocean , A hard hit this one. Go Jean , C est comme vouloir faire le rallye Paris Dakar avec une voiture prévue pour les 24h du Mans....c 'est d une telle évidence...J ai du mal à comprendre ces choix..., A very good comment two pro that know how to handle a low pressure, Yes it will change awaiting the volvo race. The Race will go ahead without the crowds. La réaction de Jennifer Aniston au Golden Globe de Brad Pitt vaut le détour Daniele Venturelli via Getty Images Billy Porter a encore mis tout le monde d'accord aux Golden Globes Et au milieu, chemise blanche et grand sourire, PPECH ! Having a boat snap in half in the middle of the ocean is a red flag to go back to the drawing board. amazing they keep trying to save weight when they can barely make it to the souther ocean in 1 piece...amazing skill by the skipper to be able to do all those things in a few secs, that's a sport! These are boats that can go very fast, but it's "on" or "off" . C'est qui le pauvre type en photo à droite du roi Jean ? This “Flying around the world thing”, only guys on land can talk about it. Go Pip, go! Bonne continuation. The sound of the canards is a factor, they have to be omitting a sound that resembles food. We love the innovation that comes from modern ocean racing but very sad that skippers have to retire from no fault of there own. Le Sunday Times fait des pieds et des mains pour qu’il s’inscrive au Golden Globe, modifiant même le règlement afin qu’il puisse, s’il le souhaite, partir de Méditerranée. Absolute Star! #markslats #professionaladventurers #gentlegiant #nextadventure #nextproject #heldopzee #sailing4cancer #nevergiveup #bestrongerthanyourexcuse #ggr2018 #livelifetothefullest #giveitall #madebythesea #sailing #winner #inspirationtalk #legend #workhardplayhard #justdoit #goalgetter #adrenalinerush ... See MoreSee Less, ah hello GGR hello Mark , ah you passed Cap Horn in the dark , I imagine your heart feeling , hope to see you one day for sure , thank you Capt Mark and all équipe GGR ,Jane jane and of course Capt Don ⛵️, Thanks so much. Thanks Matmut for supporting the Jean Luc Van Den Heede352328">#GGR2018 through Jean Luc Van Den Heede therefor inspiring millions ..#GGR2022MatmutJean Luc Van Den Heede, à bord de "Matmut II", revient en quelques mots sur 4 ans d’un partenariat riche en émotions avec sa victoire à la Golden Globe Race. ... See MoreSee Less. I think this race, and the loss of foilers, will improve the designs for 2024. He could be joined by a couple of others in a day or so . Aux Golden Globes, Brad Pitt provoque le rire et les larmes de Jennifer Aniston Le héros de "Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood" a remporté un Golden Globe pour sa prestation dans le … why don't use a foiling system like the figaro's one? long distance sailing regattas in france is serious business .. when i was kid britain was more of a leader (withbread, ggr, fastnet, etc)but thing seem to have changed in my view. Though the reader gradually comes to believe Elwood is a figment of Valentine's imagination, the climactic confrontation between Valentine and his father blurs this distinction considerably. But then .... the Tour de France barely gets a mention either. . I can see the method in you madness. Everything was going down. You are fabulous! We learn in these flashback segments that Valentine, Sr. subjects his son to monstrous and potentially fatal child abuse. After seeing the repairs that Alex made to Hugo boss I was impressed they decided to push on and would guess the the repairs wouldn't have survived the southern ocean even at reduced speed. I read a different interview where he admitted he can't really compete with the foilers. That may be fine around a race course, but definitely not when racing around the world. We have time. I first contacted Jon in 1983 to ask if he would join me setting up the Short Handed Sailing Association of Australia. #GGR2022. Yeah and they sink just enough to attain a neutral buoyancy, that's when you can't see them a bang there goes your keel or rudder. Pourtant, en raison des directives du Golden Globe, le film a été soumis dans la catégorie Meilleur film en langue étrangère. I am not so sure? . Great story of seamanship! Ce sera pour la prochaine fois!!! At times, both in the main story and in flashback, Valentine meets with a mysterious character named Elwood. Wow! At this rate you won't be the only one in Chichester class. And I said to him, ′′ I fuck your race, you were racing ". I wanted to take the ' grab bag ', but I didn't make it because the water was going up.Took the bib (life raft) in the back. Circa 1969: Robin Knox-Johnston, the first man to sail solo non-stop around the world aboard his 32ft ketch SUHAILI. No time to take pictures (which wasn't even possible as it was pitch dark), keep on going: pushing my boat and myself. . Otherwise nothing will happen ...Our oceans are becoming more and more polluted and nothing is getting done by the UN..These IMOCA boats are like formula one racing machines, a UFO collusion will be disastrous at that high speed.. With all due respect for your achievements, there are much more containers floating now in the Indian ocean than in the 90s, and much less whales. On my boat at least, when I go fast I don't see anything. :) ...Thanks Mike for the ongoing info. :) ... See MoreSee Less, When you're friends have a plan to become the centre of Nautical Activity and Tourism for the whole of Europe, you know you are in good company...BRAVO! Who is the Willie Nielson/Crocodile Dundee looking fellow on the left? ゴールデングローブ賞 ( ゴールデングローブしょう 、 ( 英: Golden Globe Awards )は、アメリカ合衆国における映画とテレビドラマに与えられる賞。 ハリウッド外国人映画記者協会(Hollywood Foreign Press Association, HFPA)の会員の投票により選定される。 Golden Globe Race shared a video from the playlist Carte postale du Trophée Jules Verne. This was the Irish government's commitment to sailing... We will build another one soon. Thank you in advance on behalf of children with cancer , Sam Davies in the Vendée Globe just hit an unidentified floating object causing damage and is now slowly sailing NORTH. Humain, The power of sailing in FRANCE is quite extraordinary.....Emmanuel Macron wanted to personally congratulate Jean Le Cam for the rescue of Kevin Escoffier. A three-way conversation that gave rise to funny exchanges. BRAVO!! I loved this race, it is poetic. ***Historic. The back of the boat was underwater and the bow was pointing to the sky. I think we will see some significant difference in the "flyers" for that race. https://Facebook.com/Oficial.Delmar https://twitter.com/Oficial_Delmar La 72e cérémonie des Golden Globes, organisée par la Hollywood Foreign Press Association, a eu lieu le 11 janvier 2015 et a récompensé les films et séries diffusés en 2014 et les professionnels s'étant distingués cette année-là. Yesterday we reported that the containership ONE Apus lost a “significant” number of containers overboard during a storm in the mid-Pacific. The story is punctuated by several extended flashback sequences in which we learn that Valentine's father, a supremely egotistical and domineering stage actor, has groomed his son almost from birth to follow in his footsteps. . The power of sailing in FRANCE is quite extraordinary.....Emmanuel Macron wanted to personally congratulate Jean Le Cam for the rescue of Kevin Escoffier. Le categorie dei Golden Globe sono 25: 14 per il cinema e 11 per la televisione. Following from ⛵, Yesss.. clean hair, big luxury. I recommend it to all dreamers, really. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features ... See MoreSee Less, Massive Cargo Loss: Estimated 1,900 Containers Lost or Damaged on ONE Apus – gCaptain, worst single incident in history..1900 Miles NW of Hawaii :(. Les températures baissent, plats chauds pour tous ! Pic from @Riaan Smit ...Still no official confirmation that the rudder damage was cause by impact with a UFO or just structural damage? The #GGR2022 Press conference planned for the 5th NOV will probably be cancelled. It’ll be interesting to see the structural report on Hugo Boss once it reaches Cape Town. He was a multihull sailor, he knows what it's about, but he also knows the sea. L'événement s'est inscrit dans le sillage du Golden Globe qui, en 1968, initia la première circum navigation de ce type par les trois caps (Bonne Espérance, Leeuwin et Horn). We used to Paul. Sincerely, fortunately I'm physically fit because I assure you it's not simple ".A board by Yes We Cam!When I found myself on board with Jean, we fell into each other's arms. The youngsters can’t tell him he's the rearguard (as opposed to avant-garde ndrl). I know and believe that you have your heart given to win this race. Sailing is his life. :) ... See MoreSee Less. Merci Jean-Luc d’avoir porté haut nos couleurs ! It’s a spectacular show of improvements and « who’s going to make it »! Il va être temps de prendre des mesures pour en finir avec l’irresponsabilité ! Wet interesting. Don't think there is a bigger treat at sea than a hair wash! WE hope to release the documentary next year. Epic!! The boat folded onto itself in a 27 knots wave. Le Vendée Globe est à ce jour la plus grande course à la voile autour du monde, en solitaire, sans escale et sans assistance. I needed to catch up with someone ;-)What an adventure! It tells a special story….about Adventure and the human spirit, not money or business, or speed, or high tech…but a human endeavour that is too real!! He kept looking and found Kevin at night 2AM from light on liferaft. You could climb whatever you like when you arrive ⛵️⛵️⛵️ Show off time for Tapio! It's kind of refreshing to hear someone be so candid, in any case. Earth and Jupiter are off-limits to humanity, but Earth's moon and the other planets and moons of the solar system have all become populated. "My arrival here in Cape Town marks our retirement from the race. Hope Kevin didn’t eat all his food! During his three year non-stop solo circumnavigation he wrote me a long letter passed over in Hobart during the second loop. Foilers or not, racing speeds and impacts puts incredible stress on hull+structure that architects and engineers study and improve on this 4 year cycle. What makes your adrenaline level rise? Les stars ont foulé le tapis rouge de la 77ème cérémonie annuelle des Golden Globe Awards au Beverly Hilton Hotel à Los Angeles, le 5 janvier 2020. Pic#lessablesdolonne #ggr2018 #ggr2022… https://t.co/uj78xlnbVL, 322days at sea, alone! It took me 153 days to get there, rounding the third and final Cape. I saw smoke, the electronics burning. They collected the insurance money and vanished. The race was won by Robin Knox-Johnston with his 32ft ketch rigged yacht SUHAILI with a time of 312 days. You've earned it. September 4th, 2022 Two years from today, a group of adventurous sailors will set out from Les Sables d’Olonne on the third edition of the Golden Globe Race. L'autre copain sur le mur de ton toilet arrivera a bientot, ne me oubliez p… https://t.co/kICDb6tmAJ, Tapio #Lehtinen Hello Ari Huusela! ⛵️⛵️⛵️⛵️⛵️⛵️ Massive respect ✊. He is a fantastic sailor anyway! Selon le Los Angeles Times , les règles de soumission de la Hollywood Foreign Press Association classent une production en langue étrangère comme ayant «au moins 51% de pistes de dialogue non anglaises diffusées pour la première fois dans leur pays d'origine…» It's coming up to Xmas so you may have time to read this. VERY INTERESTING!!!! Our only woman entrant in the #GGR2022 has a boat and now sails!! The Golden Globe is a science fiction novel by American writer John Varley, published in 1998. :) ... See MoreSee Less, VERY INTERESTING!!!! Just as he knows when he can launch himself into a low-pressure system off the Iberian coast. The story of a Boat breaking up!! Sir Robin Knox-Johnston agreed to be our patron and so a friendship began. Partagez et commentez en temps réel, à tout moment de la journée. Golden Globe 2020: tutte le nomination (e la delusione di «Game of Thrones») 09 dicembre 2019 di Mario Manca Sfoglia gallery Il meglio del … There are also minor colonies set in the Oort cloud beyond the solar system itself. – Les Sables d’Olonne – Jan 26/27/28 2019, // Prize giving – Les Sables d’Olonne – April 22th 2019, // Entries opened for Golden Globe Race 2022 – August 22nd 2019, Groupshot of all skippers shortly before start, Suhaili escorted in to Les Sables d’Olonne by a flotilla of yachts representing the French section of the Cruising Association, Uku Randmaa’s Estonian yacht ONE & ALL leads Susie Goodall’s DHL STARLIGHT at the start of the SITRaN Challenge race. Enjoy xxxx, She still hasn't landed, in a constant kind of ecstatic state of mind !!! Old boats with dagger boards are still going! Nothing nicer than clean hair after it’s been dirty for a while.. maybe its time to rethink about foils! Ils y ont été très s... ... See MoreSee Less. Thanks, Jean Luc Van Den Heede, à bord de "Matmut II", revient en quelques mots sur 4 ans d’un partenariat riche en émotions avec sa victoire à la Golden Globe Race. :) #GGR2022 is just around the corner. :) What a great day that was, so exciting to first glimpse Matmut and then see JVH looking so relaxed and calm, out for a morning sail. Carry on and enjoy the race position AND the clean hair! Golden Globe 2019, 'Green Book' miglior commedia e 'Bohemian Rhapsody' miglior film drammatico Chiara Ugolini Gli attori premiati: Rami Malek e … I heard that in addition to the two IMOCAs I saw today also you and 14 others we… https://t.co/CrYPgoCyGl, Tapio #Lehtinen (via satellite) Didn't respond to my VHF hails (far away, I'm using the hh), would have been nice t… https://t.co/WB2sTfR1mg, Tapio #Lehtinen Was becalmed in the morning, now making 4 to 5 kn in a 10 kn S. Two IMOCAs came against me, the fir… https://t.co/dGmmfM3xSs, Tapio #Lehtinen (via satellite) My Windpilot windwane took Asteria again through what might be the last gale gustin… https://t.co/o8LZdGZfff, Tapio #Lehtinen (via satellite) But I have made it all the way here anyway and now my landfall to LSO should be eve… https://t.co/jv3udVInp9, // Golden Globe Race Start – July 1st 2018, // Skippers will sail through Storm Gate – End of October/Early November 2018, // Finish! A wonderful man. Not Captain Coconut, I assume. C'est une excellente navigatrice (la meilleure) et je sais qu'elle saura gérer au mieux la situation et prendre toutes les précautions pour rester en sécurité. He said, ′′ Damn, you're on board! Does any one know...does Kevin now remain on the boat for the remainder of the race.. will they have enough supplies for the two of them ? He sent me his book before my BOC challenge which I could not read till after I rounded Cape Horn. Le portail vidéo Très émue, l'actrice française a reçu un Golden Globe pour son rôle dans le film «Elle». Circa 1968. the original sign and logo advertising the 1968/9 Sunday Times Round the World Race. He knows what the Indian Ocean is like, four to five meter-waves, nasty, hard and broken seas, he knows it all. #GGR2022 ... See MoreSee Less, Jon Sanders: The way of the world - Yachting Monthly, extraordinaire , cela me motive à reprendre le large , I think some time like him , maybe If my body feel strong i will sail away again and again , bravo yes ! Yikes! Jean Luc Van Den Heede #GGR2018 yacht Matmut ( now owned by GGR 22 entrant Graham Dalton) is at the village and today we were about to put up a huge GGR banner on the boat and flags etc for the crowds. It is Valentine, Sr.'s megalomania and obsession with the stage that sets the tone for much of the flashback material. At the helm, I had the time to question myself and build my philosophy . " #GGR2022ℹ Cette nuit à 3h54 HF, la direction de course du Vendée Globe a pu confirmer que l’opération de transfert de Kevin depuis #YesWeCam vers la frégate de la Marine Nationale Nivôse était réussie. Hope the damage is not too severe to continue. The Return of the 1968 Sunday Times Golden Globe Yacht Race. Charlotte, Sam , 51 Years ago today on 22nd April 1969 Sir Robin Knox Johnston became the first peson to sail solo Non-stop unassist… https://t.co/4ImTcDyeMO, We are ok! Many may think his sailing will slow down now? Just got to text my squad ′′ I'm sinking. I stayed in the raft until the early morning ".The recovery′′ I didn't know if the weather would soften enough to allow for a manoeuvre He was 2 feet away from me, sent me the french fry with a link but it was hard to stop the boat. In the main storyline, he is, after 70 years on the run, eventually put on trial for this murder, and his case is weighed by the Central Computer of Luna. I needed to catch up with someone ;-). Water was in the cockpit all the way to the door ".Jumping in the raft′′ I wanted to stay on board a little longer but I could see everything was going very quickly and then I got a swirl and went to the water with the raftAt that point I wasn't reassured at all... You're in a raft with 35 knots of wind. So the lack of storms to far (Touch wood) and reasonably consistent weather paints a completely different picture than #GGR2018...even the current Vendee Globe Fleet really are getting it easy...(Fingers Crossed) ....our #GGR2022 Virtual Fleet on todays weather are having fun I recon! BRAVO to the Vendee Globe organisers and Les Sables d’Olonne..Keep the spirit and the world still watches!! "At the beginning of the race, he was surprised to see the young sailors going around the obstacle his wife continues: "They all went around the first low-pressure system screaming ''Mommy, help!” to themselves. It is revealed in both the main and flashback storylines that Valentine killed (or believed himself to have killed) his father. Forward looking sonar There does seem to be a little under engineering with the stresses on the bow of the foilers and strengthening is needed. The novel begins as a first person account of Valentine's adventures in the outer worlds of the solar system as he attempts to make his way to Luna in order to play King Lear in an upcoming production. Thing is though, those cargo ships go so quickly they don't even notice that one has dropped off. There's not mention of ANY world sailing events in Canada sadly. On V… https://t.co/P3cLcCHKqu, Tapio #Lehtinen (via satellite) Wind dropped below 10 knots and veered to NNE in the morning, trying to make the be… https://t.co/to3bcsnWPd, Tapio #Lehtinen (via satellite) An additional incentive to take full advantage of this NW blow is my mother's 86th birthday on Sunday:), Tapio #Lehtinen (via satellite) THX Sampo Sailo and the team of Elmar Mertens, Wille Pietarinen and Kai Strom for b… https://t.co/Lo9oL8coCo, Tapio #Lehtinen (via satellite) Vastauksena kysymykseen: Sikalassa pieni vorschmack kukon ja kossusnapsin kera, sit… https://t.co/f8qOn5SaoQ, Tapio #Lehtinen (via satellite) Gilles! Les Golden Globes (officiellement intitulés Golden Globe Awards) sont des récompenses de cinéma et de télévision américaines décernées chaque année depuis 1944 par la Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA). ... See MoreSee Less, Jean-Luc Van den Heede. Love to hear her talk about her days, difficult days, with a smile on her face! I suspect the forces and speeds involved in Imoca 60’s, create much of the damage, along with auto pilot steering, not avoiding waves. La 77 edizione dei Golden Globe Awards, si terrà a Los Angeles il 5 gennaio 2020. Its not even our country! . GGR family! As long as they are prepared, of course! " Nice message of her partner, Romain Attanasio tonight : « Vendée Globe : Initiatives Cœur vient de heurter un OFNI (Objet Flottant Non Identifié) forcément, je suis inquiet mais Sam n'est pas blessée et c'est le principal. The Ostar and the Whitbread Round the World Race started here but the French truly took it heart and when Plymouth lost interest and the rest is history. Indeed in 2009 it’s PRB boat that rescued Jean LeCam while passing Cap Horn. Flying :) .not #GGR2022 but the sailing contrast too extreme not to be impressed...I guess tying a bowline is simply not needed and as for making a running fix?? On 31st October at the Les Sables d’Olonne Vendée Globe Film Festival at 17.50hrs you can see 8 minutes of a #GGR2018 Film. Genetic tests reveal that Valentine is actually a clone of his father (further evidence of the maniacal self-absorption of the father). You have to question yourself, on your instant choices as well as on your essential life choices. , Just three years ago on Dec 9th 2017 Paris Nautic boat show. Le skipper fait désormais route vers la Réunion tandis que Jean Le Cam a pu reprendre sa course.Lire ➡ bit.ly/2IiyUED#PRBVoile #VG2020 Marine Nationale ... See MoreSee Less, Great outcome AND The great race continues. :) ... See MoreSee Less, Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on Google PlusShare on Linked InShare by Email, You have to LOVE this lady!! Today we’re learning more about just how many were... Another Classic conversation about life and Humanity with. It's a test in these conditions to board a 60 ', especially when you're forced into your moves by the TPS. He has always walked a different path and always had time for people. Hi Liam. But the problem was how to board him.We said 2-3 words to each other That was Verdun on the water. There I slept good 2 hours, rested, ate. A 1961 Golden Globe awarded to Marilyn Monroe was sold this weekend for $250,000, one of the highest prices fetched at auction for a Golden Globe, according to the auctioneer who brokered the sale . He sent me his book before my BOC challenge which I could not read till after I rounded Cape Horn. Sir Robin Knox-Johnston agreed to be our patron and so a friendship began. Knox-Johnston was the sole finisher in the Sunday Times Golden Globe solo round the world race, having set out from Falmouth, England on 14th June 1968 aboard his tiny 32ft ketch Suhaili. ❤️⛵️, Incredible and scary report of what happened, so great that the end is fine! Ha! It was hot! Fresh Messages from Ta… https://t.co/DVqFfce7X3, Tapio #Lehtinen While being escorted towards land by pilot whales, a boat beating upwind crossed astern of us. But don't worry, Alex, you are just a happy guy, you do not have to sit in an office 9/17. These carbon boats are not cutting it in the big seas. Quel suceur ce pauvre type... avait avait-il besoin de se faire filmer et de faire diffuser sa discussion? Nobody went in there except the two old dudes Alex Thomson and Jean... At that moment he was surprised "wait, what are those guys gonna do in the South? ". He replied: ′′ It's okay, the last time I'm the one had laid down Vincent's race ".What's next?′′ So far, I have no idea for the rest. Rudder behind it protected by the keel. :) ... ... See MoreSee Less, Time flies and in a few weeks Mark Slats sets off again in the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Rowing challenge. Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television. Floating trees....let’s not forget natural debris.... And who's responsible? », Another Classic conversation about life and Humanity with Jean Luc Van Den Heede that will impress the reader...you can auto translate with Google.....one small part of the article....Quote The Golden Globe, the art of taking your timeThe sea, a different prism " Having seen the world and the sea, it transformed my gaze. Stepping back to the Golden Age of Solo Sailing, Two Golden Globe Race sailors honoured by the Cruising Club of America, OGR and GGR at Boot Dusseldorf, 18-26 January 2020. Just three years ago on Dec 9th 2017 Paris Nautic boat show #GGR2018 Press conference…WHY? » #GGR2022 ... See MoreSee Less. I haven't read the Titan series yet because I'm an ASS but I don't see how it could beat Globe for a place in my heart. Now to see what the time credit for Le Cam is. this looks like a good yard for a refit!! Créer une course unique « RETRO » à la voile autour du monde en solitaire et sans escale, à l’image de l’édition originale de la Golden Globe du Sunday Times, qui de nouveau, emmènera les marins à l’époque de l’âge d’or de la navigation, « un marin, un bateau » face aux grands océans du monde. Crickey. Bravo to the entire team and especially Alex, Golden Globe Race, it's over... He has always walked a different path and always had time for people. New VG boats should not be allowed to take part in the VG race if not have participated in North Atlantic races for one full season; as well they should be inspected and certified by independent yacht designers.... this may reduce such structural disasters. ...Looking forward to see Alex smile again ...Good Luck to the entire team...The VG is Tough.. #GGR2022 ... See MoreSee Less.